Thursday, October 2, 2008

The prisoner's head

I have heard of a certain king who had ordered for a prisoner’s head. The prisoner sunk in the void of hopelessness started abusing the king in the chicest of his words.
Ah they said: “the man who has washed his hands off, his life, throws whatever absurdities he can The hand catches at the sharp blades when he finds no way to escape. When the head of a man’s hope is slashed off –his tongue sticks out and lashes about. - just as the suppressed cat would spring at the mighty dog.”

The king desired to know as to what the prisoner was saying.
A wise vizier stood up and said, “oh king he is praising thee and he is saying that the powerful consume their anger and forgive the wrongs.”
The king took pity and forgave the prisoner. Another vizier charged the previous one for lying to the king.
“ It does not behove you to be untruthful to the king,” he chided.
“The prisoner had cursed and abused the king in fact,” he said
The king was displeased and said, “ I liked the lie of the first vizier and not your truth.
The wise have correctly said that an expedient lie is better than mischievous truth ”
It was grafted on the wall of the wall of Farids:
“The world never stays put with anybody- better you endear your creator – That’s it.
Never count on the worldly powers
Because the world has brought up many like you and then done away with them.
When a noble soul has already desired to depart; whether to die on the floor or throne it is all the same.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Prophet Abraham and the fire worshipper

Abraham Als and the Poor Fire Worshipper
I have heard that for a week no guest visi6ted Khalillah ( Abraham ALS) to receive his hospitality।

It was his wont that he wouldn't partake any food in the morning in the hope that somebody may be on the way.

He came out and looked around and saw at the edge of the forest, a man - all skin and bones like a reed ,all alone, his hair was white like snow because of old age।

He welcomed him to cheer him up. He solicited him to be his guest for the dinner.

" Oh the lid of my eyes, be kind on me and have bread and salt।" he said।

He said "yes" and got up and lifted his step because he knew his moral rectitude

The keeper of the guest-house of Abraham made him sit with honour।

They spread a sheet and sat all around it.

"They all started with the words: "In The Name Of Allah"। Nobody heard anything from the old man।

"Is it not obligatory that when you partake your food, you take the name of The provider of the food?" asked Abraham Als

"I wont follow you as your way is bad"
"I have heard so from my chief who is a fire worshipper" said the old man

The holy prophet came to know then that the destroyed man was a fire worshipper.

He humiliated him and turned him out when he saw that the person was not of them because it is not good for good people to keep bad people in their company।

A revelation came from Allah accompanied with rage and reprimand: "O Abrahaham" " I gave him provision and life for a hundred year and you despised him -फॉर a moment though"

"If he bows before fire why must you shrink back your hand of generosity"।

Sunday, December 30, 2007


The Following are random selections from Boostan of Hazrat Saadi(R.A). I have rendered the pearls of wisdom into simple English to share it with my friends relatives and students. The need arose when I found that none of them knew Urdu the language in which the books are freely available in Delhi India. If the books are available in English their price is forbidding . Please forgive Me for my poor language and style.
I have based my English translation on the Urdu translation of Boostan by Respectable Maulana Quazi Sajjad Hussain the rector of Madrasa Ahliya Fatahpuri Delhi, Publisher Subrang Kitab Ghar Delhi 6

The Fox and the Mendicant
A certain person came by a limbless fox
He marveled at the design and providence of Allah
That how she nurtures her life
And with these limbs how she is able to feed herself
While the mendicant was frenzied in his thought
A lion came with a jackal clutched in his paw
The lion ate the unfortunate jackal
And the fox ate to her fill over the leftovers
The other day the same coincidence happened
"The sustainer provided her with provision for the day
Faith opened his eyes
He set forth reposing his trust in his creator
"That I would sit like an ant in a corner"
"That even an elephant do not get his sustenance by its power" (he said to himself)
For few days he confined himself
With his head down tucked between his shoulders
That the sustainer would sustain him by divine providence
Nobody Felt sorry for him neither his friends nor his foes
He had no more of his sense and patience left
Through the arch of the wall he heard
O ye lowly and mean go and be the devouring lion
Do not put yourself down like the limbless fox
Make efforts so that you too would have leftovers like those of the lion
Why fill yourself with the leftovers like the fox
A dog is better than a person whose neck is fat like the lion yet he lays himself like the fox
Fetch by paws and feed others do not keep your eyes on what others have discarded
As far as possible eat by your arms- so long your power keep the balance tilted in your favor
Like a man bear pain and give relief.
Those who live off the earnings of others are eunuchs
Oh ye the acceptor of the counsel go and extend thy benevolence and not that thee make thyself fall and ask for benevolence.
Allah’s kindness is on the man whose existence is a source of well being for his creatures
The head which has brain takes action
Because men with less of courage are skins without kernels
He sees blessings in both the worlds who causes the blessings to reach the creatures